Client Stories

When I started my coaching relationship with Laural I had no idea that this was the beginning of many positive changes in my life. Upon the first meeting with Laural, I was reasonably happy in my career and my life. Though, I often struggled with concentration and focus at work and school and was hoping that coaching could help me. Throughout our journey, I did find a solution to my focus issues but I also found so much more. Laural took the time to get to know me and understand how I am motivated. She used this information to help me set manageable goals in our weekly or biweekly sessions. Over the past several months, Laural has guided me in my journey of losing over 10 pounds and beginning (and sticking with) an exercise regimen. She has also helped me find balance in my reactions and emotions, which has contributed to a more peaceful life and she has helped guide my thinking when it comes to finances, which has helped me save money. I am beyond happy with all of these successes throughout Laural and I’s coaching relationship, but I believe my biggest success is finding passion in my life. Before beginning my coaching journey, I was jealous of people who had hobbies and passions because I could not find anything that I truly loved. Throughout this journey, Laural has helped me push myself to try many new things. In the past, I was scared to try new things because I didn’t want to look silly if I wasn’t any good. Thankfully, that is no longer the case, the fear still creeps up that I might look silly trying something new but thanks to Laural’s coaching I now know how to react to these feelings and maintain a much higher level of confidence.

I just want to say I am so happy and I am so grateful this morning!
I met Laural Miller last year, hired her as my life coach desperately seeking something I couldn’t put into words, all I knew was that I was in emotional pain and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. She helped me clear all of those blocks and get a direct focus of what I wanted in my life, and together we removed what no longer served me. Today I am blown away with all the growth I have endured and I’m finally free! I’m not sure what pushed me to say this but I just needed everyone to know that Laural is a true light worker and an amazing friend. Im so happy she crossed my path. And if you are struggling with anything at all, Laural has a gift to turn that pain into love!

The term “Life Coach” may be something that most people are perhaps familiar with, however, are not quite sure what it is. What does a Life Coach do? How would a Life Coach help me? How do I know if I would benefit from the help of a Life Coach? I hope that my story can help clarify these thoughts and questions about this type of coaching, and to furthermore, introduce possible new solutions to some of the complicated positions that we encounter in life.The way this process began for me was acknowledging an inner voice in my head that knew it was unsatisfied with my current life situation. I knew that I wasn’t happy in my career, finances, intimate relationships, and personal mindset. I had never felt so lost and confused in my life. All my life I had become accustomed to always reaching my goals, getting the jobs I desired, and feeling in control of my thoughts and actions. When I felt a loss of all of those things it lead me to realize I had to seek out a force bigger then me to help me overcome this sense of “loss” and “discouragement”. I knew I still had goals and accomplishments that were very important to me but I didn’t know how to get them or what to focus on achieving.

Through discussing the process of Life Coaching with Laural, and that in which it entailed, I found it to be a clear solution to my problems. Laural conducted a workshop that introduced her coaching concepts and it was all I needed to open my mind and eyes to the possibilities of Life Coaching. The workshop started me off with the foundation of evaluating my current life situation and focusing on the areas in which I wanted to improve. Having a much clearer sense of what I was working toward lit a fire in me. I decided to stay on the path that Laural helped me to create. I remained accountable in my progress by having weekly updates with her. She set me up with successful tactics to help me stay on track with my goals, as well as, helping me to create a positive mindset that helped build my confidence and motivation. I became very aware of my thoughts and built positive affirmations for all areas of my life, that I still recite today. Each week I felt a sense of accomplishment when I was able to discuss my progress with her. Laural was never judgmental of the times when I was not as productive and instead helped to understand why that was, and talked me through it. It taught me to honor my feelings and not place too much pressure on myself.

Today I am happy to say that I have made some amazing changing in my life that have greatly improved its quality. I no longer feel lost or without a plan. I practice positive thinking and self talk and also keep my goals in sight. Laural’s coaching has helped me to form organized plans and steps to achieve my desired goals (whether they be small or large). Within a short amount of time I made career changes that were more suitable for my overall career path. I have alleviated much financial stress. I have a clear plan of “what’s next”, and best of all, I have the “know-how” and accountability to achieve it. Laural has never left my side in times of doubt or questioning, and has always been able to encourage, sort-out and re-center my thoughts.

I highly recommend Life Coaching and Laural as a Life Coach. There has been no better investment I have ever made in myself. I see a world of difference in myself and my life in just the few months that I have incorporated these methods and thought processes. I feel like myself again with a zest for life and excited about taking on my goals. I can now enjoy the journey it takes to get there and know that each step brings me closer.

Overall, no matter what anyone’s personal situation may be, no matter the areas in their life they wish to change or improve, I whole heartedly believe that Laural can be the guidance to help them get there. Everything we as people desire to work toward will always take our own dedication, drive and hard work, but with some extra guidance and insight from an experienced Coach (whom is living proof of her own tactics) the possibilities are truly endless. I could not be more grateful for my personal experiences thus far and I’m continuously excited to take on the next steps with methods of her Life Coaching by my side.