Dear Client –

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Dear Client, Future Client, Friends, and Curiosity Seekers –

Laural Miller CoachingI get you. I get you, because I get me. See, we are all the same. I come from a messy, blessed background. A few facts about me, I am 30, I am an entrepreneur, I am in love with building a life of complete fulfillment. I am passionate about helping others do the same. I don’t believe we can make mistakes, we can only learn, grow and evolve. I have experience in corporate America, confusing relationships, marriage, divorce, codependency and strength. You see, life is a blessing even when it is messy. A wise person once told me to “bless the mess,” and it is our responsibility as humans to pull out the learning opportunity from every situation, grow and then let it be.

A few years ago, I broke down. I stared myself in the face (quite literally in the mirror) and said “I have no idea who I am anymore.” I was lost but in that moment, I began on a journey to find myself again. I went through years of therapy to help undo many of the negative self-talk I had going on from my childhood. I went to therapy to develop into an adult. I went to therapy to end my marriage and to break the cycle of codependency. I absolutely love therapy, therapy is hard work and it heals.

I however, didn’t move. I stayed in this dark, cold state all while sleeping on my couch and cohabitating with my ex. I was learning and I was healing, but I wasn’t moving. I had the knowledge of what I wanted, but I could not move on it. I was paralyzed in this place of wishing for the life I knew I wanted to magically show up. I have always had great intuition, I just had the switch flipped off for so many years. I was on auto-pilot. I did all the right things, got a college degree, met a guy, got married, bought a house and got a few pets. Then one day I woke up. Literally, in one day. The pain had outweighed the good.

My lack of movement and intuition led me to find a life coach. Ironically, I always knew I wanted to be one, but never knew what that meant. Coaching is about movement. It is about acknowledging the mess that we are and loving ourselves anyways. It is about awareness, empowerment, authenticity and setting goals and crushing them. Most importantly the reason I hired a coach was for accountability. It was easy for me to visualize the life I wanted from the couch I slept on for more than 2 years. What wasn’t easy was to dig really deep, own that I am the only person who can change my life, and choose to move forward despite the fear of the unknown. My coach made that possible. She helped me chunk it down. I turned that voice in my head into my advocate, my cheerleader and my support system. I filed for divorce and I released him from my life with LOVE. I thanked every single situation, person and circumstance that challenged me and I MOVED.

I now harness my story and the passion I have to help others do the same. No matter if your situation is a soul-sucking job, a relationship, lack of purpose and fulfillment, as a coach I can help you become aware and empowered. I can help you with my 4 pillars to coaching success that I have embraced in my own life:

  1. Discover your purpose
  2. Step onto your path
  3. Live your potential
  4. Ignite your passion

As a coach I am invested in helping you, help yourself. You have all of the answers, I just create  the space for you to hear them.


Laural Miller

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